Our proprietary operating system and existing hardware solutions makes it easy for you to monitor, control and automate environments from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

What gets measured gets managed. Buildings, parks, public transit, the list goes on. There are so many “things” to monitor in our cities. The MiB IoT platform and system of existing MicroBots are a great way for you to quickly connect and begin monitoring usage or environmental conditions.

The use of technology, sensors, and data can greatly improve city services and the lives of citizens.

Many cities and government instituons recognize this and are begining to take action to connect products and services. However, this can be challenging given available funds, the daunting challenge of connecting the devices to the cloud and monitoring those connections….

Working with MiB makes IoT easier
Just like you, we are makers, innovators and dreamers. We get excited when we are able to help others bring their IoT product to reality. Don’t get caught into another big company ecosystem only to get stuck using their chipsets.

We don’t offer own own chip sets because we want you to have the freedom and price flexibility to be competitive. We built the platform so you can plug, build and play at a very affordable price. Check out our pricing plans.


  • Easy implementation
  • Speed to market
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Scale as you grow
  • Security you can count on
  • Serverless – it’s in the cloud