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When a construction company wanted to monitor the environment around their employees while working on the job, MicroBot Alert was the perfect solution. MicroBot is a tiny device that measures various atmospheric variables including temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2 levels and detects any movements.

MicroBot Alert allows the company to ensure the safety of their 700 employees on the field. Managers can track and receive push notifications when the atmospheric measures move above or below defined levels.

Specifically, this company was concerned with xyz. Alert sends data through BLE a system of Hubs throughout the work environment. This system of sensors and Hubs allows managers to track the environment of the workspace and safety of their employees at all times.

Whether you need to monitor the environment around a group of people or a location like a server room or factory production line, MicroBot Alert and the MiB platform are ready to go to suite your needs.

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Working with MicroBots and the MiB platform makes IoT easier
Founded in 2009, Naran is a Korean IoT company with offices in California. We love building products and in doing so, we created MicroBots which allow you to monitor, control and manage products, people and environments based on your needs. There are few products on the market that can do what ours do.

The power of MicroBot Push allows you to control a variety of buttons and switches remotely. The tiny size of Alert and wide range of sensors allows our customers to manage their environments at all times.

MicroBots use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We also offer companion Hubs that allow users to access devices from anywhere in the world.


  • Easy implementation
  • Speed to market
  • Reduce set-up costs
  • Add MicroBots as you scale
  • Secure
  • Atmospheric and location tracking