Start Ups

Why build all the layers of the IoT stack when you can plug into ours! Don’t take our word for it, go ahead, download our SDK.

There are so many different priorities when starting a company. You might feel lost or overwhelmed with how to solve for your IoT stack. The costs and manpower associated with cloud hosting and engineering can quickly get out of control.

Whether you’re looking to make existing products smart, or you’re starting from scratch from the ground up, MiB IoT provides a scalable end to end solution for IoT deployments

Enter the MiB platform. Our platform connects IoT devices to the cloud and allows you to securely interact with the devices and varios applications. We help you control, measure and analyze your products and data through the cloud.

Download Our SDK

Once connected to the platform, you will be able to operate and manage your solution through the MiB console. To communicate, devices require a Nordic or TI chipset and BLE protocols.

Thanks to these protocols, your developers can connect, download the firmware and control your devices.

Working with MiB makes IoT easier
Just like you, we are makers, innovators and dreamers. We get excited when we are able to help others bring their IoT product to reality. Don’t get caught into another big company ecosystem only to get stuck using their chipsets.

We don’t offer own own chip sets because we want you to have the freedom and price flexibility to be competitive. We built the platform so you can plug, build and play at a very affordable price. Check out our pricing plans.


  • Easy implementation
  • Speed to market
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Scale as you grow
  • Security you can count on
  • Serverless – it’s in the cloud