Our Mission

Make life easier though technology

At Naran, we come into work everyday because we love making IoT products that solve real problems. Making an internet connected product can be time consuming and expensive. Developer resources are limited and there is constant pressure to lower costs and speed up time to market.

The world is rapidly changing and everything can now be connected. Customers are expecting that all products be smart by default. We understand how to turn dumb devices into sophisticated cloud-connectable products. Building our line of MicroBots led us to develop our MiB IoT cloud platform. Today, we provide the only end-to-end BLE platform that helps companies connect, control and monitor their products all over the world. Join our MiB Console beta today and catalyze your products’ potential by making them smart.

IoT doesn’t need to be complicated.
We believe IoT should be easy, affordable and reliable.
We offer the only end-to-end IoT solution focusing on BLE connectivity. We focus on BLE thanks to the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and benefits of having low energy consumption. We purposely use readily available chips like Nordic and TI so you aren’t locked into our platform. Simply add the chip to your product, download our firmware and plug in our mobile libary and your products are smart for as low as 0.10 cents per device per month.

About Us:
We are a Korean based consumer electronic manufacturer with offices in California.

We specialize in the development of hardware and software ecosystems that connect and monitor products and your environment. We are backed by some of the leading venture capital investors including

Naran was founded in 2015 by CEO, Terence Park, a former Silicon Valley engineer from Google and Microsoft who had a passion to create better IoT products. Today, we have a team in Korea, Japan and California here to support our customers. We are constantly investing in the MiB IoT Platform to help you succeed.