What is MiB IoT?

MiB IoT is a device-to-cloud platform that allows you to easily connect products to the internet.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Download Device Firmware

Simply download our firmware on your Nordic or TI chipsets to connect your product via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Don’t waste your development resources or time building all the layers of the IoT stack. Focus on building your product and our software takes care of everything else!

Plug in our Mobile Library

Design and customize the UI for your app and use our mobile library to kickstart your development. We provide the components required to build an iOS and Android. Or, plug into the MicroBot app to test first and implement the design later for your brand.


Don’t worry about storage/ data, security or integrations. We’ve taken care of all that. Once you’ve connected your devices, our API’s communicate seemlessly with your products, mobile app and any integrations including Alexa & Google Home & IFTTT. Do you want to add subscription or paywalls with your customers? We’ve got that covered as well!

Optional Hub

To extend the range of your product beyond BLE, simply add a Hub. Either use our off the shelf Hub or wok with us to develop your own using the same tools and library above.

How it works